Meet Ahmet Kayakesen: The New Hakan in Original Sin

Ahmet Kayakesen is a Turkish actor who garnered attention for his role as Onur Tuna in the TV series “Yasak Elma”. He also made an emergency appearance in the successful TV series “Hercai”, replacing a colleague who could not continue with the project. Currently, he is playing the role of Hakan in “Original Sin” after replacing Sinan Eroğlu, who left the show for personal reasons.

Kayakesen’s career in acting started when he was still studying at school. Since then, he appeared in various Ottoman productions like “Bergen”, “Kertenkele”, “Aynen Aynen”, and “Ego” by Fox Turkey. However, his breakthrough came in 2014 when he replaced a colleague who could not continue with a film project.

The actor is 34 years old and from Izmir, Turkey. He usually keeps his personal life private and his current partner is unknown. But, he stated that he dreams of having a family and loves spending time with his nephew.

On social media, Kayakesen shares his behind-the-scenes moments with colleagues from his TV series and movies. He also shares his interests, such as swimming, cycling, photography, and diving, among others.

“Original Sin” airs every Monday to Friday at 5:30 p.m. (Spain time) on Antena 3. You can also watch the TV series on ATRESplayer Premium. With Kayakesen’s outstanding talent and professionalism, he continues to gain more fans, both in Turkey and internationally.

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