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Meet Devin Strader: Fun Details About The Bachelorette Contestant!

The Bachelorette Season 21 is just around the corner, and we cannot wait to meet the men that will be vying for Jenn Tran’s heart. It is already a historical season, so we can’t imagine what other surprises will be in store for a season of this caliber.

Of course, to meet the hype of such a season, there also need to be contestants that match the excitement. And it seems we may have just that with contestant Devin Strader.

Find out all the fun details about him below ahead of The Bachelorette Season 21 premiere on Monday, July 8th at 8 PM EST.

Whenever I come across information on Devin Strader, it honestly makes my heart melt. There seems to be something special about this guy, especially because his ABC bio boasts about him being the ultimate romantic guy who loves to do grand gestures for his special lady. If that is truly the case, I don’t think it is going to take much for him to woo Jenn and sweep her off her feet.

With that in mind, here are some fun facts about Mr. Strader as we wait to get to know more about him!

Age: 28 (Born January 31, 1996)

Birthplace: Houston, Texas

Hometown: Rosenberg, Texas

Occupation: Freight Company Owner

Instagram: @devin.strader

Perusing Devin’s Instagram, I can tell that he is an adventurous guy who likes to have fun with his family and friends! In fact, according to his ABC bio, he once ran a 200-mile relay with his friends. 200 MILES?! This guy loves to stay fit, clearly.

He’s also not afraid to live on the risky side of life as he loves shrimp tacos even though he is allergic to shrimp. Apparently, that is not enough to hold him back from enjoying a good ‘ol shrimp taco. Color me impressed and slightly worried.

Apart from all of that, it appears Devin has worked really hard to build his company from the ground up, and he takes a lot of pride (as he should) in creating something successful. I think Jenn will absolutely adore that about him!

Now, if you want to know spoilers about Jenn’s season and learn Devin’s fate, you can do so courtesy of Reality Steve. If you don’t want to know anything, don’t click on that link and wait for things to reveal themselves when The Bachelorette Season 21 premieres on Monday, July 8th on ABC at 8 PM EST.

Source:, Reality Steve