Meet Dylan Brock: Son of Venom!

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We already know through the movies the relationship of Eddie Brock with Anne Weying. She left him because of the reporter’s inability to maintain a healthy bond. On the other hand, he continues very much in love with his ex-girlfriend, despite the fact that she is about to marry his current partner: Dr. Dan Lewis. Thanks to the continuity of the comic strips of Marvel we can speculate on the future of these characters. Including your child!

Yes, in graphic novels Eddie y Anne they have a son. This happened after she joined the symbiote for a time. Venom and get pregnant with Dylan. He was created to destroy the god Fuck and separate it from the hive-mind. Anne left the baby with her paternal grandfather before committing suicide; over time the man became abusive and beat the boy. Dylan believed that Carl it was his father and Eddie his older brother.

The son of Venom!

Soon the relationship of the characters became “strange“. Dylan He asked Eddie that they will kill Carl. He later admitted that he just wanted to end his abusive behavior “dad“So the young man decided to stay with Eddie until he suffered a nightmare with Fuck and fell into a coma. In the meantime, Eddie discovered through his dreams that Dylan it’s your son. He would not reveal that information to the young man.

Over time Dylan he discovered that Eddie He is her real father and together they carried on the relationship with these strange extraterrestrial symbiotes that have the ability to increase the strength, endurance and energy of humans. Names like Venom, Carnage and Knull would be part of the life of Eddie y Dylan who apparently cannot find peace thanks to these organisms.

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When Fuck came to Earth, Dylan it served its purpose and weakened this powerful being allowing the heroes to be released from its possession. Eddie, who was killed by Fuck, is revived by the God of Light and vaporizes the villain who took his life. So, he uses all his power to remove the darkness from Dylan. Some time later, the son of Eddie gets shot and to save himself joins the symbiote Venom with the blessing of his biological father.

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