“Meet Erwin Bach, Tina Turner’s Life-Saving Second Husband 16 Years Younger”

On May 24, the world mourned the loss of one of the most iconic voices in rock and roll history: Tina Turner. The legendary singer passed away at the age of 83, leaving behind an irreplaceable legacy both in the music industry and in her personal life. Turner’s husband, Erwin Bach, was one of the most valuable things in her life, providing her with the love and support she so desperately needed after enduring an abusive relationship with her first husband, Ike Turner.

Ike and Tina were together from 1962 to 1978, and during that time, Ike created a toxic environment for his wife, abusing her both physically and verbally. In her 1986 biography, I, Tina, Tina detailed the horrors she endured with Ike, including his struggles with bipolar disorder and drug addiction. Sadly, their verbal fights always turned into physical ones, leaving Tina emotionally and physically scarred.

Tina was determined to put her past behind her and focus on her solo career, but fate had a different plan for her. Seven years after her separation from Ike, Erwin, a German music producer, entered her life. Their first meeting at an airport in Germany was an instant connection, despite their 16-year age difference. After years of unwavering love, the couple wed in July 2013.

Erwin became Tina’s rock during her health struggles, which began shortly after their marriage. She suffered a stroke that led to her hospital admission, where it was discovered that her kidneys were functioning at only 35% of their capacity. Her condition worsened over time, and she was eventually diagnosed with intestinal cancer. Tina found herself in an extreme situation without hope, until Erwin stepped forward.

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In her memoirs, Tina explained that Erwin offered to give her one of his kidneys, as he did not want to lose her. He wanted to do anything to keep their relationship strong. The operation was a success, and Tina’s life was saved by love.

The couple spent most of their love story in Switzerland, on their lakeside estate at Château Algonquin. They lead a quiet life, broken only by the tragic loss of their eldest son, Craig Raymond, in 2018. Their second son also passed away due to complications from metastatic colon cancer and atherosclerosis. The couple’s love was their refuge, as they faced these difficult times together.

Although Tina’s death leaves an unrecoverable void in the music industry, her legacy will live on for decades to come. The artist had an estimated fortune of around 227 million dollars, half of which will go to her widower according to Swiss law. Erwin will continue to hold a special place in Tina’s heart, as he provided her with the love and stability she so desperately needed after enduring an abusive relationship. Through love and support, Erwin saved Tina’s life, and their love story will remain an inspiration for years to come.

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