Meet Michel Noher, the lead character of ‘The Kabul Unit’

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La Unidad Kabul: Meet Michel Noher, the series’ breakout star

The third season of La Unidad Kabul has been highly anticipated and it certainly does not disappoint. This fast-paced police thriller follows an elite unit of the National Police who find themselves embroiled in a dangerous situation in Afghanistan while searching for an infiltrator with information about a possible attack in Europe. Starring well-known faces such as Natalie Pozas and Marian Álvarez, the series has also introduced viewers to Michel Noher, an Argentinian actor who portrays the role of Marcos, an expert in terrorism.

Michel Noher was born in Buenos Aires to Jean Pierre Noher, a famous Franco-Argentine actor whose career spans many years. Michel began his acting career at just 18 years old in the movie 30/30 and landed his first television role on Costumbres argentinas two years later. His career quickly gained momentum and he went on to star in El deseo, Sos mi vida, Consentidos, and Don Juan and his beautiful lady, the last of which earned him a nomination for Best New Actor at the Clarín Awards in 2008.

Michel’s success in Argentina led him to other international projects. He starred in series like Terra ribelle 2 in Italy and The party, Parts of me, and The business in Brazil. In 2012, he made his Hollywood debut in And Soon the Darkness with Amber Heard.

La Unidad Kabul opened doors for Michel in Spain, and he later starred in the Netflix series If I had known. Acting is not his only passion; Michel also enjoys reading and music and has a great love for Spanish culture and gastronomy.

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Michel’s personal life is equally fulfilling. He has a seven-year-old son, Antón, with actress Celeste Cid. Although the couple separated in 2018, they maintain a good relationship for the sake of their son. For Michel, being a present father is one of his top priorities, and he currently lives with his father and Antón in Buenos Aires.

La Unidad Kabul has certainly introduced the world to a talented actor in Michel Noher. With his skillful acting and commitment to his family, he is poised for continued success in the years to come.

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