Meet ‘Padre Pepe’, the priest who enlivens his masses to the rhythm of bulerías

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For many people around the world, Masses are a time of spirituality and seriousness to dedicate to God. However, there are also homilies that seek to go out of the ordinary to reach a much wider audience. This is the case of Father Pepe, from Spain, who performs the liturgies to the rhythm of bulerías, one of which was recorded on video and shared on social networks What Twitter, where users were delighted with this man of faith.

The priest is in the church of Miraflores de los Angeles, in Málaga, where you can hear him give the God’s word in an entertaining and even sympathetic way, as it involves the faithful with choirs and clapping.

In fact, Jose Planas, real name of the priest, is also known as “The flamenco priest” and his followers assure that what is seen in the footage is not the first to resort to this type of technique to captivate the faithful, in fact, it is something recurrent because he believes that this way he will connect more with people.

In fact, the video in Twitter was shared by the user Gio, who described the moment as follows: “The priest of Arroyo de los Ángeles, in Málaga. With his polka dot stole and barefoot, a ‘pataita’ por bulerías!God it is also flamenco!”.

In fact, what the film shows is joy at its finest, with the father Pepe dancing with flavor to the beat of flamencoHe never loses a beat, he has no kind of shame to do it in front of his parishioners, who are delighted with him, where most of them are recording this particular mass. Inclusive, “The flamenco priest”, takes an assistant to dance who tries to follow in the footsteps of this music from Spain.

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The publication has gone viral on this social network, where it has already accumulated more than 54.7 thousand views, as well as 832 Likes, where while most are delighted with the attitude of the father Pepe, others disagree.

“This is blasphemy”, “They taught me that the altar represents Christ, in him the most sublime sacrifice of the Christian life, when we pass in front of him we bow as a sign of respect. I believe that we must take care of the forms, especially the person in charge of guarding a house of the man “, “Would a man go dressed in a tuxedo to play football or to bathe at the beach? No. Well, anyway, you must remove the sacred clothing reserved only to celebrate mass, and respect the temple that is a place of prayer, not of merriment. Look for another site “.

For its part, Gio, who shared the video, responded to the criticism: “I do not understand why you say that. Each one prays as he knows best. Singing, dancing, kneeling or doing a handstand. And they are all respectable as long as no one is harmed. On the contrary, what difference does it make how you do it if you have to God in the heart?”

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