“Meet the Remarkable Cast of ‘Doctor Garcia’s Patients’ – Based on the Bestselling Novel by Almudena Grandes”

New Spanish Series “Doctor García’s Patients” Brings Almudena Grandes’ Novel to Life

Fans of the renowned author Almudena Grandes will be excited to hear about the new series based on her famous novel, “Doctor García’s Patients”. The new series, which has already premiered on La 1, is set during the Civil War and post-war years of Spain and features a talented cast that includes Javier Rey, Tamar Novas, Verónica Echegui, and Stephanie Cayo, among others.

The story follows the lives of three main characters: Guillermo García, a young liberal doctor who fights for the Republic; Manuel Arroyo, a Republican diplomat who seeks the help of García to infiltrate a network of war criminals; and Amparo Priego, a young Falangist who seeks refuge during the siege. The series is faithful to the novel, accurately depicting the characters’ emotions, experiences, and anxieties during the tumultuous time period and capturing an era that changed Spain forever.

The talented cast brings the characters to life in spellbinding performances. Stephanie Cayo portrays Meg Williams, an American diplomat who is openly bisexual and aids Manuel in his mission. Eva Llorach plays Clara Stauffer, the press and propaganda head of the Spanish Falange and a key player in the escape of war criminals from Spain to Argentina. Adrián Gallardo is Jon Olivares, a former soldier who aspired to be a professional boxer and becomes a war criminal during the Civil War.

Almudena Grandes has approved of both the scripts and the actors’ portrayals of her characters. The rest of the cast includes Raúl Jiménez, Nancho Novo, Pepa Pedroche, Claudia Traisac, Martina Guzmán, Itziar Atienza, Toni Sevilla Gabino de la Fuente, Iñaki Miramón, Javier Lara, Daniel Albaladejo, Marius Biegai, Carmen Molinar, Eduard Farelo, Luis Bermejo, Mario de la Rosa, and Thomas Sauerteig.

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The plot of the series centers around Dr. Guillermo García Medina, living in Madrid under a false identity after Franco’s victory. His life changes when his best friend Manuel returns from exile and enlists his help in infiltrating an escape network led by Clara Stauffer. As Tamar Novas’s character Adrián Gallardo, García puts his life on the line to make the mission succeed.

“Doctor García’s Patients” is a gripping series that portrays historical events in Spain’s past with precision and depth. Fans of Almudena Grandes will not be disappointed in this faithful adaptation of her novel.

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