Megan Fox joins the cast of The Mercenaries 4, which will reunite the toughest of action cinema

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The Expendables films were presented as a great reunion or crossover of the toughest and most iconic characters in action movies. After three movies, we’ve seen Sylvester Stallone, Jason Statham, Mel Gibson, Wesley Snipes, Harrison Ford, Antonio Banderas and most recently Ronda Rousey, a mixed martial arts fighter in action. The cast of these films is full of familiar faces.

After the premiere of Los Mercenarios 4 we have heard very little about a fourth installment and we are happy to announce that the wait is over: The Mercenaries 4 is underway and will also feature Megan Fox in the cast, as confirmed by Lionsgate.

Megan Fox rose to fame with Transformers and other Michael Bay films, however since then she hasn’t been in too many big productions. The actress recently spoke about the treatment she received from the media and the general abuse she suffered when she was a very young actress. In addition to having been sexualized in her roles.

Now, Fox joins the cast of Los Mercenarios as one of the youngest members of the group. Along with them come others like Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson and Tony Jaa (Ong Bak). As for the direction of Los Mercenarios 4, it will be in charge of Scott Waugh (Need for Speed ​​and Act of Valor). On the other hand, The Mercenaries suffer a loss: Terry Crews apparently not returning for The Expendables 4 over a dispute with producer Avi Lerner.

The Mercenaries 4 has no release date yet.

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