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Megan Fox Stuns in Grey Corset Minidress on London Date Night with Machine Gun Kelly

Megan Fox’s Style and Glamour in London

Actress Megan Fox was recently spotted in London, flaunting her impeccable sense of style and glamour on the streets. The occasion was an exclusive party that was organized by her boyfriend Machine Gun Kelly and Marc Jacques Burton at the Apollos’Mouse Club in London. Fox looked ravishing in a skintight gray leather outfit made by The Mannei.

The ensemble comprised a tiny dress with a cinched waist, thick straps, and an inverted sweetheart neckline. Fox complemented it with extra-long boots with a snake-skin print, a Matrix-style black trench coat, and a black bag. She accessorized with silver jewelry, sparkly earrings, and a red manicure that contrasted beautifully with her clothing.

Megan Fox’s Flirtatious and Serious Look

Fox parted her red hair in the middle and styled them into wavy locks past her shoulders. Her face donned nude, lightly shaded eyelids and reddish blush, accentuated by a fine cat eye. Fox perfectly embodied a flirtatious yet serious look.

Her partner, Machine Gun Kelly, sported black pants, sweatshirt, black and white tennis shoes, a hat, and silver jewelry. The couple’s recent trip to the UK marks their resumption of the on-again-off-again relationship.

Their Relationship Status

Fox reportedly broke up with MGK, whose real name is Colson Baker, because of infidelity. After attempting to work out their issues, the couple put their relationship on hold for a few months before getting back together in April.

Sources close to the couple suggest that they may never walk down the aisle despite being engaged due to their “unhealthy dynamic.” Whatever the case may be, one thing is for sure; Fox and MGK’s style and fashion sense continue to make headlines.

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