Megan Fox Teases opening an OnlyFans account with Kourtney Kardashian

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Megan Fox has suggested the idea of opening an OnlyFans account alongside her friend Kourtney Kardashian by posting a series of very sexy behind-the-scenes images of Kim Kardashian’s brand promotional photo shoot, SKIMS.

Through his social networks, the ‘Transformers star shared the snapshots asking his followers if they think it would be convenient for him to open an account on the explicit content platform.

“BTS from my photo shoot with Kourtney. Should we create an OnlyFans?” the 36-year-old actress wrote in the post with thousands of reactions from her followers.

In the images, the artists pose in a bathroom with Kim’s clothing line and show how confident they are. In one of them, the founder of Poosh is seen sitting on Megan, while she was on the toilet. The friends stuck out their tongues as Kourtney raised her arm in the air and Megan placed her hands on her back and leg.

The third and final take the samples posing sensually on the ground, with Kourtney lying down with her black hair cascading down on the ground.

In September 2021, the stars shared a photo shoot wearing the skiMS brand line of bras, crop tops and underwear.

At the time, Megan Fox said she loved that the brand “really understands what women want to wear and that they want to feel sexy, safe and empowered. I loved participating in this campaign with Kourtney, we had a lot of fun posing together.”

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