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“Meghan, Duchess of Sussex: A Remarkable Friend and Loving Mother”

Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, has been praised for her incredible friendship and motherhood skills by a close friend, Kelly McKee Zajfen. Kelly, who unexpectedly lost her nine-year-old son George last year, received support from Meghan who donated to a GoFundMe on behalf of her children Archie and Lilibet for the family. Kelly took to Instagram to thank Meghan for her kindness, describing her as ‘caring, warm and open’ and ‘an amazing friend and mother.’

As co-founder of Alliance of Moms, a Los Angeles community of philanthropists supporting pregnant and parenting teens in foster care, Kelly also thanked Meghan for joining this year’s campaign to support Los Angeles’ foster youth who are pregnant and parenting. The campaign helps to provide critical services, education, resources and advocacy so they can build a better future for themselves and their families.

In a post to commemorate Mother’s Day, Kelly shared that Meghan is always the first to say yes and support the ones she loves. She is a fierce advocate for those in need and has been a valuable member of her #CommUNITYofmotherhood. Kelly shared a photo of herself and Meghan wearing a T-shirt that read ‘Community, Motherhood,’ which reflects their strong bond and shared mission to support mothers and families in need.

Kelly also shared the heartbreaking news of losing her son, describing it as a sudden and devastating loss. She hopes that through her work with Alliance of Moms and her eco-conscious children’s clothing brand, she can help make a difference in the lives of young mothers and families in need. Meghan’s support and kindness have undoubtedly been instrumental in helping her navigate through this difficult time.

In conclusion, Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, has been hailed as an incredible friend and mother by Kelly McKee Zajfen. Her support and kindness towards Kelly during a difficult time have been greatly appreciated. Through her work with Alliance of Moms, Meghan has also shown her dedication to helping young mothers and families in need.

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