Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s trademark faces major hurdles in America

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Meghan Markle and the prince harry they are taking on a stormy problem. The plans of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex to register their entertainment empire in the United States would have suffered a mishap. According to The UK’s Daily Mail, the couple requested that their fundraising team, the Archewell Foundation, and podcast signing, Archewell Audio, were protected by the law of companies in the North American country.

They sent documents to the United States Patent and Trademark Office requesting exclusive use of the terms. However, they would have been informed that the applications need clarification if they are to become law. In the application for Archewell Audio, Meghan and Harry noted that the company was intended for the “creation, development, production and distribution of podcasts, audio programs, music and audio books.”

In response to this request, the office responded: “The applicant must clarify that it is about entertainment-based services.” On the other hand, the application also highlighted that the firm would create: “live podcast presentations, live theater performances, live music presentations and live audiobook readings.” But the office responded that applicants must “specify the nature of the live performances.”

Trademark attorneys are demanding that the couple’s legal team define the type of web applications they want to provide through the Archewell Foundation. According to documents issued on June 25, the office gave Harry and Meghan six months to respond, or both requests will be scrapped. The established time will expire in December of this year.

The new tirade facing the duo comes shortly after Harry visited London to unveil the statue of his late mother, Princess Diana, on what would have been her 60th birthday on July 1. The Duke of Sussex was reunited with his older brother, Prince William, but their wounds are said to have failed to heal. Harry returned to California for the weekend and is with Meghan and their two children Archie Harrison, of 2, and Lilibet Diana, from 1 meas.


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