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Meghan Markle didn’t get angry with the journalist who interviewed her for Vanity Fair in 2017

The journalist who interviewed Meghan Markle for her first cover after her relationship with Harry was confirmed has come to her defense to ensure that she does not hold a grudge against him for what she wrote at the time. In September 2017 the now Duchess of Sussex had a chat with Sam Kashner for Vanity Fair in which she only mentioned the grandson of Elizabeth II in one sentence, to recognize naturally that they were a couple and that they were in love.

However, the publication opted to title the article ‘Crazy about Harry!’ and used as an angle the sudden media attention she was receiving as his girlfriend. The new book written by British journalist Tom Bower says that Meghan went from being delighted at the prospect of appearing in Vanity Fair to getting furious when her work as an activist and philanthropist was ignored and she did not delve too deeply into the hundred episodes she had just reached with her series ‘Suits’, which was the ‘excuse’ to conduct the interview in question.

In one of his most explosive revelations between the pages of his new work, Bower argues that Vanity Fair could not contrast Meghan’s alleged humanitarian work and that is why he decided to ignore it. Serena Williams referred to Meghan as an acquaintance, not a close friend, which was what the actress had allegedly implied when she provided the magazine with a list of names that could give more information about her.

The journalist who met with the Duchess to write his profile says he deeply regretted that anecdotes about Meghan’s philanthropic side were not included in the final draft. In the letter he has sent to The Times newspaper, which has echoed Tom Bower’s investigations, Sam Kashner also insists that the duchess did not comment on his speech disorder, as stated in his partner’s book, nor did he withdraw the word when he finally read the article.

“I am afraid that Tom Bower has not been able to convey the admiration and respect I feel for Meghan Markle in the excerpt from his book that has appeared this Saturday in The Times. I thought he was a very caring and kind person and I admire his intelligence and courage.”

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