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Meghan Markle's Dad Claims He Shares Major Trait with King Charles

Meghan Markle’s Dad Claims He Shares Major Trait with King Charles

Thomas Markle recently directed critical comments not only at his daughter Meghan Markle but also at Prince Harry. In a conversation with the Daily Mail, Thomas criticized Harry for never making an effort to meet him, despite having access to private jets. Thomas voiced his bewilderment, stating, “When I reflect back on my life, as you do when you are approaching 80, that’s one of the questions I cannot find an answer for. Why didn’t Harry ever come to meet me?” He also questioned Harry’s masculinity by adding, “What man gets married without meeting his wife’s father?”

A father questioning why his son-in-law hasn’t met him would generally be reasonable. However, the strained relationship between Meghan and her father complicates matters. It’s understandable that Harry wouldn’t be eager to befriend someone who has publicly insulted his wife. Back in 2018, Thomas took undue credit for Meghan’s success by telling the Mail on Sunday, “She’d be nothing without me.” He also labeled Meghan as “cold” and expressed his dissatisfaction over not being thanked for his efforts.

Following Thomas’s interview in 2018, Meghan was reportedly deeply hurt, according to a source from The Mirror. Fast forward to June 2024, and Meghan is once again upset by her father’s critical remarks.

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