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Meghan Markle's Latest Netflix Show Receives Major Update

Meghan Markle’s Latest Netflix Show Receives Major Update

Meghan Markle’s upcoming Netflix original series has reportedly completed its filming phase. According to sources speaking with The Daily Beast, the Duchess of Sussex has been working diligently on a cooking and homemaking series, which is said to have wrapped up smoothly. Although there is no official title or release date yet, this project is crucial for Markle’s burgeoning entertainment career.

One insider disclosed, “It all went well and it is in the can.” Neither Markle’s official spokesperson nor Netflix has commented on this report. The lack of an official title or comprehensive details has left many observers surprised, considering Netflix has not yet made any formal announcements. Our current knowledge of the series stems mainly from a press release by Archewell Productions back in April, which confirmed that the show was in production.

Archewell’s statement from that time indicated that the show “will celebrate the joys of cooking and gardening, entertaining, and friendship.” The series was created in collaboration with Sony Pictures Televisions’ The Intellectual Property Corporation. In the same announcement, another non-fiction series was mentioned, focusing on the competitive world of professional polo.

More recently, the source for The Daily Beast provided some additional insights. They revealed that the primary filming location was a residential home near Markle and Prince Harry’s residence in Montecito, California. Markle reportedly hopes that this series will carve out a niche for her as a home and lifestyle expert, akin to personalities like Martha Stewart.

This ambition aligns well with Markle’s emerging brand, American Riviera Orchard, which has garnered significant media attention in recent months. Though still in its nascent stages, the brand aims to launch an array of products, including cookbooks, tableware, and homemaking items, as well as consumables like fruit butters.

The Netflix deal, signed by Markle and Prince Harry in September 2020, initially brought forth the successful docu-series Harry & Meghan. Their subsequent project, Live to Lead, did not receive the same level of acclaim, likely because it didn’t focus on the couple. Last year’s Heart of Invictus performed better, but given the abrupt end of her podcast, many believe Markle needs another strong hit to solidify her position in the entertainment industry. As of now, there are no updates on the release or title of the new show.

Source: The Daily Beast