“Mel B Breaks Silence on 10-Year Struggle with Fat-Shaming and Ugly Remarks”

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Mel B Opens Up About Rebuilding Herself from Abusive Marriage

Mel B, the 48-year-old pop star and former Spice Girl, has spoken out about her 10-year marriage to producer Stephen Belafonte, which she has alleged was an abusive relationship. Despite Belafonte denying the claims, Mel B has shared how he would repeatedly tell her that she was “fat, ugly, and no one is going to love” her, leaving her self-esteem and worth at zero.

After leaving the marriage, Mel B felt she had to rebuild herself from scratch, which she continues to do to this day. She explained to OK! Magazine, “looking back, it was only when I got out of that relationship that I realized how bad everything had been, and then I had to embark on getting back to the way I was before I got married.”

Mel B has turned to fitness for the sake of her mental well-being, giving herself “a complete makeover” earlier this year. She committed to regular weight training, long walks with her dog, as well as prioritizing sleep and practicing mindfulness and yoga to clear her mind.

The singer is engaged to hairdresser Rory McPhee, and she believes that focusing on her health and mental well-being has helped her regain her old self. Though weekends are still for socializing and dinners, Mel B makes sure to stick to her healthy lifestyle habits throughout the week.

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