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Mel C of Spice Girls Announces Her New Boyfriend

Mel C of Spice Girls Announces Her New Boyfriend

Melanie Chisholm, better known as Mel C or Sporty Spice from the Spice Girls, has unveiled her new romantic interest at the iconic Glastonbury Festival. The 50-year-old singer was spotted hand-in-hand with a mystery man, later identified as Australian model and actor Chris Dingwall, as they navigated the sprawling 1,000-acre festival grounds.

Dingwall, as revealed by a source to Daily Mail Australia, is not just a pretty face. Standing at an impressive 185cm tall, Dingwall is a successful model signed with prestigious agencies Ford Models and Chadwick. His career spans over two decades, during which he has worked with some of the world’s most renowned brands in print, commercial, and film projects. An online biography reads, per Daily Mail, that “Chris has been one of the most in demand male models in the USA, Europe, Asia and Australia for more than a decade.”

Dingwall is also an actor, writer, and director for both film and television. His directorial credits include a short film titled Oasis, which was featured in the St Kilda Film Festival, and two episodes of the Australian miniseries Brock, which chronicles the life of car racing legend Peter Brock. Dingwall also appears to have several upcoming film projects in post-production. The couple’s appearance at Glastonbury marks their first public outing together, though they had been spotted on a casual dog walk in London earlier in the month.

This new romance comes after a period of singledom for Chisholm. In August 2022, she ended a seven-year relationship with music executive Joe Marshall, who had also been her manager. Following this split, revealed in the Not My Bagg with Joe & George Baggs podcast that she had joined the dating app Hinge. She candidly shared her experiences, saying, “What is it about Hinge? I’m single, and I’m having a little look around, it’s slim pickings. There seem to be loads of hot girls but all the hot guys are gay.”

Chisholm’s romantic history includes a relationship with property developer Thomas Starr, with whom she shares a 15-year-old daughter, Scarlett. In early 2020, she was briefly linked to London gallery owner Cassius Colman, though this romance was short-lived.

Despite her new relationship status, Chisholm’s passion for music remains undiminished. During an appearance on The Chris Moyles Show on Radio X, she expressed her ongoing desire to perform at Glastonbury with the Spice Girls. “I think the absolute ultimate would be to do it with the Spice Girls. There’s nothing I would like more. But you know, while they’re still making their minds up…” she shared, hinting at the possibility of a future Spice Girls reunion on the Pyramid Stage. When asked why the iconic girl group hadn’t performed at the festival before, Chisholm mused: “In the ’90s, they didn’t have pop music at music festivals.”

As she navigates the modern dating scene in her 50s, Chisholm has claimed she was initially banned from dating while her Spice Girls bandmates were allowed to date. Reflecting on those early days, she previously told Australia’s The Project, “Looking back, what struck me was it was one rule for one and another for [the others].” She added, “It makes you question yourself when you are already vulnerable.”

Source: Daily Mail Australia