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Mel Gibson will be part of the John Wick prequel series for the Starz channel

John Wick is the action saga that conquered audiences around the world with the story of a dangerous murderer who seeks to avenge the death of his dog. Keanu Reeves He did a solid job portraying the deadly character who leaves no rival standing every time the shooting starts. Now the news has emerged that this universe will have a prequel in serial form in addition to its numerous movie sequels. The show will premiere in Starz.

That is not the only news! The series will be titled The Continental and it will tell the story of the hotel where murder is prohibited and where crime professionals are safe. Plus? There is already an important first name associated with this interesting project. We are talking about Mel Gibson, which in its credits has movies like Braveheart, Revenge, Deadly Weapon and The Patriot. A luxury!

What we know about the John Wick prequel

The series will be set in the 70s and will tell the story of the Continental hotel chain. In this way we will know the past of Winston Scott, which in this case will not be interpreted by Ian McShane. The ally of John Wick he is an interesting character to tackle but he will not be the only one. Is also Cormac, whose past and characteristics are unknown, but it is interpreted by Mel Gibson.

Details of The Continental are kept reserved with the intention of surprising the followers of John Wick with this prequel that is an unexpected project, but a welcome one. What do we know? It is a miniseries that will go through the channel Starz and it will only have three episodes. The creator of the saga starring Keanu Reeves, Chad Stahelski, will be associated with this production.

The premiere of the long-awaited prequel should arrive sometime in 2022, although it is not known whether before or after the arrival of the fourth part of John Wick, which is scheduled for May 27 next year. Impatience? Fans of the most effective killer in Hollywood can’t wait to enjoy everything that has to do with this successful saga.

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