Melania Trump’s ex-assistant compares the former first lady to “Queen Marie Antoinette”

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La exasistente de Melania Trump compara a la ex primera dama con "la reina María Antonieta"

Stephanie Grisham, former US White House press secretary and former senior assistant to Melania Trump, reveals details about her work with the previous Presidential Administration in her book ‘I will now answer your questions: What I saw in the Trump White House ‘, which will be published in October.

In some excerpts advanced Per Politico, the author compares the former first lady to “the doomed French queen” Marie Antoinette. According to the outlet, Grisham explains in his book that he sent Melania Trump a text message at 1:25 p.m. on January 6, shortly after the protesters stormed the Capitolo, in which he asked her if she wanted to. “tweet that peaceful protests are the right of every American, but that there is no room for anarchy and violence”; to which Trump, who at the time was preparing for a photoshoot of a carpet he had chosen for the White House, gave a negative answer.

Grisham, who joined the Trump campaign in 2015 and who, despite his misgivings, remained in the White House until almost the end of the presidential term, assures that the previous president’s indifference to these disturbances “broke it”. that she had spent years defending the former first lady from accusations that portrayed her as a “Marie Antoinette-type dilettante.” However, Grisham herself says that she sees Melania as “the doomed French queen”, whose features she condenses into three adjectives: “Contemptuous Defeated Detached“.

Likewise, the former White House press secretary, who resigned on the day of the Capitol assault, writes that she asked Melania if she should contact Jill Biden during the transition to organize the traditional inaugural tea. Instead of organizing the meeting, however, Melania told him that they should “see what the west wing does.” The reason, according to Grisham, was that Melania, like her husband, believed the elections were illegitimate.

Stephanie Grisham’s book will go on sale next October 5th And it will include, apart from details about his work with Melania Trump, unfavorable information about other officials with whom Grisham interacted during his time in the White House.

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