Melania Urbina: what the actress learned from her love disappointments throughout her life

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Among so many famous people on Peruvian television, the name of Melania Urbina, an actress who has made different productions such as soap operas, plays and has ventured into the world of national cinema. Currently, she can be seen in the series “Back to the neighborhood” where she plays Professor Anita or also known as ‘Miss Anita’.

“Back to the neighborhood” It is one of the national productions with the greatest acceptance among the public but which was also affected by the coronavirus pandemic, which is why those responsible for the series had to make some changes to continue with the project. On the other hand, some of the actors that make up the cast also had to fight against this disease.

Given this, the production managed so that the chapters could continue to be seen and did not hesitate to innovate and record with the use of masks, among other recommended measures in the middle of the pandemic.

The remembered actress Melania Urbina Keller, was born in Lima on September 30, 1977. Since she was little, she spent her life in countries such as Peru, Ecuador and Venezuela. He studied primary school in a school in San Isidro (Lima) and then when he finished his basic education studies, he decided to increase his knowledge by studying Communication Sciences. However, he gave up his career to pursue acting.

He made his television debut in 1996 with the soap opera “Cuchillo y Malú” and after several roles in Peruvian productions, in 2000 he made his film debut with the film “Ciudad de M”. Then in the film “Bala perdida” (2001) and in 2002 in “Django: the other face”, where he gave life to the ‘Dynamite Girl’.

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In 2003 in “Ojos que no ven”, in 2004 “Paloma de papel” and thus several productions for both film, theater and television such as “Tomorrow I tell you”, “A day without sex”, “The Night of the Shorts”, “La Perricholi”, “Heart of fire”, “In the background there is room”, “Back in the neighborhood”, among others.

The also television presenter has managed to obtain two awards as the best Latin American actress in the Malaga Spanish Film Festival.

It was in March 2021 when Melania Urbina He used his Instagram social network to reveal some details of his life as part of the series “Back to the neighborhood”. There he revealed who the actor of the aforementioned production is, who is his confidant.

This was part of the question and answer game where he had to answer the questions of the users and his fans.

I get along very well with all my teammates (…) But my ‘bum’ of the series, my confidant here is Sergio Gjurinovic”, He declared.

But what caught the attention of many was when he revealed what he learned, at some point in his life, with some love disappointment. The answer was given when a user asked: How did you get over when you ended a relationship, a tip?.

It is partially true that time heals everything because it depends on what you do with that time. When I have had a very difficult separation that has hurt too much, I have done therapy, sports, meditation, talking with my friends”, He expressed.

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