Melissa Klug: Abel Lobatón and Diego Chávarri, her ex-partners, comment on their future marriage | VIDEO

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Last week the local celebrity shook after Melissa Klug announce through his social networks that he had engaged to his partner, the footballer Jesús Barco, on the same day of his first anniversary.

Although so far the popular ‘Blanca de Chucuito’ and her now boyfriend have not yet provided further details of when the marriage will be or the place chosen for the celebration, those who have spoken are the ex-partners of the businesswoman.

The program “Mujeres Al Mando” communicated by phone with Abel Lobatón, father of two of Melissa Klug’s daughters, and Diego Chávarri, who had a controversial romance with the chalaca at the end of 2015, which did not end on very good terms.

The first to be consulted was Lobatón, who only had good wishes for the mother of his daughters Samahara and Melissa. “He has the right to be happy, to be happy, he found a man to be happy with”, he said and indicated that he thinks “Chévere” that you have found your “Life partner”.

Asked if he would attend Klug’s wedding, the former footballer replied: “And why not? If I am in Peru of course (that I would go) ”. After specifying that he is not very aware of the subject, because at the moment he is abroad, the ‘bat’ sent him his “Best vibes.”

For its part, Chávarri was not very comfortable when the Latina magazine reporter asked him about it.“Asu mare, I’m not going to give you an opinion and I’m working right now”, The former reality boy said quite bluntly.

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Let us remember that a few days ago, in statements to the Trome newspaper, Melissa Klug assured that this was the first time that they asked her to marry her and gave her an engagement ring. “The first time they ask me that way is something so exciting, so magical”, said.

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