Melissa Klug said that “Queens of the show” wanted her daughter to dance with Jossmery Toledo and Ítalo Valcárcel

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The businesswoman Melissa Klug revealed that the production of “Reinas del show” invited his daughter, Samahara Lobatón, to participate in the program and accompany Jossmery Toledo and his ex-partner Ítalo Valcárcel.

In a recent interview with the newspaper Trome, the popular ‘Blanca de Chucuito’ pointed out that they invited her daughter to the program; however, he did not accept to avoid the media “show” that his participation could have caused.

“(Did you get invited to ‘Queens of the show’?) No, but They called my daughter Samahara (Lobatón) to be Jossmery Toledo’s reinforcement. Imagine they wanted to show anywayMelissa Klug assured in her statement.

Also, the former participant of “The great show” addressed Gisela Valcárcel and clarified that a “professional with so many years of experience” should understand that she is in a new relationship.

“I am in another stage of my life, if they want to make a controversy or show with any of us (she and her daughters) it will be. I think that she (Gisela), as a professional and with so many years of experience, should understand that when one already has a partner, one does not talk about the past and that is respected, right? ”, precise.

On the other hand, Melissa also referred to her relationship with the soccer player Jesús Barco, with whom she will celebrate a year of romance next September. “Well, happy and happy, enjoying our relationship, which is the most important thing”Klug pointed out.

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