Melissa Paredes after conciliating with Rodrigo Cuba: “In the end, the truth is always known”

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Melissa Paredes and Rodrigo Cuba reached a conciliatory agreement regarding the custody of their daughter and the divorce process that they will undertake in the coming days. This after the actress ended her marriage by starring in an ampay with the dancer Anthony Aranda.

After concluding the conciliation meeting, the protagonist of “Ojitos Hechiceros” avoided giving further details of the agreement she reached with the club’s footballer César Vallejo, however, she said she was happy to have managed to reach an agreement with her daughter’s father.

Very happy for the well-being of my daughter. Very happy because in the end the truth is always known “The model pointed out when approached by the press.

At another point, Paredes was encouraged to remove his mask for a few seconds to show his joy after signing the conciliation. “I am happy, they are tears of happiness”, He pointed out and then added that he will continue to work for the benefit of his little daughter.

For his part, Jorge Cuba, the footballer’s father, also made a statement upon leaving the conciliation center and said that they were satisfied with the agreements.

We are satisfied with this agreement and the winner in all this is the baby because she already has the clearest picture. (…) We are calm, we have agreed to some things for the well-being of my granddaughter, that is what matters and is the feeling of my son “, he limited.

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