Melissa Paredes and Anthony Aranda: The images that confirm that they welcomed the New Year together

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Although they have not yet formalized a love relationship, the images that Melissa Paredes and Anthony Aranda published this January 1 on their social networks put them in evidence and confirmed that they welcomed the New Year together surrounded by their family and close friends.

The ex-host of “América Hoy” shared with her followers videos where she is seen celebrating in a house with a pool and a tent adorned with string lights, a scenario that was also seen in the ‘Activator’ Instagram stories.

For his part, the dancer also published images of this celebration where he appears surrounded by his close circle, and even his mother, however, he did not focus on the model at any time.

The actress and Anthony Aranda have not confirmed a romance despite the fact that the images give them away. Let us remember that both starred in a sounded ampay in October 2021, which caused the scandalous breakup of Melissa Paredes and Rodrigo Cuba.

Hours before the arrival of 2022, Melissa Paredes used her Instagram account to dedicate a heartfelt message to her daughter Mía, who this year welcomed the New Year with her father, the soccer player Rodrigo Cuba.

I only know that at 12 o’clock I will close my eyes and connect with you wherever you are, because no matter how far our hearts are, our connection is infinite “, begins by narrating the ex-host of “América Hoy”.

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