Melissa Paredes commented on marriage: “It is companionship and it is for two” – MAG.

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The ampay that broadcast ‘Magaly TV, la firma’, where Melissa Paredes goes out kissing with the dancer Anthony Aranda in her car has shaken the world of entertainment. However, the program hosted by Magaly Medina issued images about what Paredes thought about the marriage.

The actress also assured, to the Dilo program broadcast for El Comercio, that the marriage “It is companionship, brotherhood, it is for two above all”. She was encouraged to point out that her husband was a: “Very cunt and super loving dad, because he is not someone who acts”, He commented.

Likewise, the star actress of the missing novel ‘Ojito hechiceros’ expressed what she would not like in a relationship. “I hate lying, because if she is unfaithful, let her tell me, but tell me ‘no (I was unfaithful), well no,” he said without foreshadowing that she would be the protagonist of an infidelity.

The journalist Magaly Medina criticized that she had advised the singer Josimar when she was going through a similar situation.

That would advise Josimar or his girlfriend from Josimar. Suddenly, he came out with the same story, ‘we have nothing, we ended our relationship at the end of September”, He declared.

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