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Melissa Paredes on her husband: “El ‘Gato’ likes photos of Flavia Laos and Leslie Shaw” – MAG.

The host of the television program ‘America hoy’, Melissa Paredes, is recovering satisfactorily at her home from the Covid-19 she suffers, which is why she managed to connect via the Internet with the program to talk about toxic relationships.

It was in this context that she revealed in the middle of the program that she is not a toxic wife because she does not feel jealous when her husband, the footballer ‘Gato’ Cuba, ‘likes’ the photos of the actress Flavia Laos or the singer Leslie Shaw.

The cat gives ‘like’ to the literal world, a beautiful photo that he sees, he gives ‘like’ and I normal, but I also (I give ‘likes’) … Like photos of Flavia Laos, Ivana Yturbe y Leslie Shaw”Said Melissa Paredes.

Sometimes I am with the ‘Kitten’ lying on the bed looking at the cell phone and he passes a photo of Flavita Laos and he gives him a ‘like’ on my face, he goes to another photo and gives him ‘like’ and there is nothing wrong … If I like it, my partner why not“Added the actress, too.

However, her driving partners like Ethel Pozo and Janet Barboza pointed out that we would like their partner to like other women on social media.

I would not like to date a man who likes sexy or sensual girls, I would not like”, Stressed the driver with what Ethel Pozo agreed. However, Christian Domínguez congratulated her on her maturity.

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