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Melissa Paredes sends a message of reflection in the midst of the controversy over ampay with a dancer – MAG.

In the midst of the criticism that she has received after the dissemination of the images where she looks affectionate with the dancer Anthony Aranda, Melissa Paredes sent a message of reflection through his official Instagram account.

“Be soft, do not let the world harden you, do not let pain make you hate, do not let bitterness win over your tenderness”, It is read in the message shared by Paredes on his Instagram Storie.

In addition, he shared a video where his little daughter Mia appears next to a baby, they both play.

After the dissemination of the controversial images, thousands of users have used social networks to criticize the host of “América Hoy”. However, the public figure has received the support of his mother Celia Rodríguez, who came out in his defense.

“Nobody knows the leaks in a house … until they live inside. That is why it is better not to judge ”, was the message he published in his story along with an image of the work ‘The Little Prince’. “” Over time everything is discovered: the most hidden lies, the most certain reasons and the most false people “, published in another Storie.

Last Thursday, October 21, Melissa Paredes appeared at “América Hoy” to tell her truth after she was supported in loving situations with the dancer Anthony Aranda.

The presenter clarified that she was separated from Rodrigo Cuba since the end of September and revealed that both had agreed to continue living together for the well-being of her daughter. In that sense, she said that she felt betrayed with the footballer’s statement in which she denies her regarding the date of her separation.

“Unfortunately I am going to have to take legal measures, with evidence because I can no longer trust someone who claims to be your friend, the father of your daughter, and who says that everything is going to be fine and suddenly he gets a statement that says that finds out today ”, lament.

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