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Melissa Paredes shines while doing sports and sings “Sejodioto” by Karol G | VIDEO – MAG.

Melissa Paredes She seems to want to forget about her personal problems after the infidelity scandal that she starred in after being protected by Anthony Aranda, her dance partner in “Reinas del Show”, despite being married to soccer player Rodrigo Cuba.

Thus, the model has just shared on her Instagram account some videos in which she can be seen very happy, about to exercise. In the clips she posted in her Stories, the song “Sejodioto” by Karol G is even heard in the background and she sings part of the lyrics.

“Well, now exercises”, he says before beginning to hum part of the lyrics of the song that says: “I’m tired of relationships ‘, I don’t want to press any more’ / As much as they criticize me, they have me without balls”, which seems to be a hint to all who question it.

Melissa Paredes continues to record herself in sportswear and shows that she is within her department; finally indicates: “I’m going to train, I send you a kiss. How are we? In high spirits … Cheers up! ”.

Let us remember that last Tuesday, Melissa Paredes issued a statement in which announced that she will begin the procedures for her divorce from Rodrigo Cuba, her still husband, days after he starred in an ampay with his dancer from “Reinas del Show”, Anthony Aranda.

“In order not to continue speculating about my personal and family life and to avoid confusion and misunderstandings, (I report) that I am initiating conversations and negotiations in search of the well-being and emotional and psychological stability of my daughter, and about the divorce process “, indicates his pronouncement.

Although she said she understands the work of the media, the model asked to respect her privacy for the well-being of her daughter and solicitous “To the media to stop the harassment to which I have been subjected in recent days.”

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