“Melodious Memories: How Music Inspires and Accompanies Me”

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Chayanne’s New Music Video

In his latest music video “Bailando Bachata”, Chayanne takes us back to the 1950s with a captivating love story and a retro aesthetic. The Puerto Rican singer stars alongside Venezuelan actress and model Veronica Schneider. “The actress is wonderful. She told me she didn’t dance but she danced like a top; she’s super nice,” he says. Chayanne praises the director Katherine Díaz for being professional, knowing exactly what she wanted, and having a good harmony.

Chayanne and His Upcoming Album

Chayanne is about to release a new album, which has him feeling super excited. “This album has me super excited because I haven’t recorded an album for a long time. We’ll be coming out with the album soon,” he says. His tour dates have yet to be announced, but he hopes to see everyone on stage very soon.

Chayanne’s Love for Music

Music has always been one of Chayanne’s great loves. His family has always been involved in music; his grandfather played the cuatro, his uncle played the accordion, and his sister played the guitar. His journey into music was quite accidental. “I wasn’t looking for it, and then it was what I dedicated my whole life to, so music has been my companion,” he reflects.

Chayanne and His Children

Chayanne is proud of his children, Isadora and Lorenzo Figueroa. His daughter recently launched her career as a singer, and Lorenzo is succeeding in fashion with his line Stamos Bien. “There is communication, there is complicity, there is a lot of love,” he says about his children. He also talks about the importance of communication, giving his kids options instead of telling them what to do, and supporting them in all of their decisions.

Chayanne and His Eternal Youth

When asked about his secret to eternal youth, Chayanne simply believes in being emotionally balanced and at peace. He also credits his diet consisting of rice, beans, steak, yams, yautía, sweet potatoes, plantains, and mofongo. Keeping physically active has also been a part of his lifestyle since childhood. “You work and work to share it with whom? With your loved ones,” he says.

Chayanne’s Love for His Fans

Chayanne is grateful for the love and support he receives from his fans. “The most important thing is to do things with love, when you do things with pleasure, when you give your all, that is seen,” he says. He believes that it is his fans who ultimately decide the success of his music and concerts.

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