Memes and fan reactions after confirmation that Loki is bisexual

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Loki Wednesday on the streaming service! Disney+! Like every week, since June 9, a new episode of the series of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, after a week of discussions and confusion about the identity of Lady Loki. That will take a backseat, at least for a while, since today we had confirmation that the villain is bisexual. Check out how the fans reacted!

Its about first MCU character to reveal bisexuality, after not having made any reference throughout your stay in the franchise. In one of the first previews of the show, they announced something that surprised the public: would not identify with a single gender identity, just as it happens in the comics and in Norse mythology.

Before the reveal, we see that Thor’s brother decides to hunt down the variant, who calls himself “Sylvie” and did not give more details, who arrives at the headquarters of the TVA (Temporal Variation Authority) to fulfill his plan after branching the timeline with different realities, but the antagonist opens a portal that leads them to the planet Lamentis- in the year 2077.

As we know, the escapes of Lady Loki lead her to apocalyptic situations of the history of mankind, so this location also has that particularity: is about to be destroyed by a moon. They both find themselves in trouble when they notice that the Tempad, the artifact that allows them to travel the timeline, is out of battery, so they must team up to return to normal and begin to “friendship”.

While we had some samples of how Sylvie’s mind manipulation powers and tricks work, What has attracted the most attention here is the conversation they had while traveling on the Lamentis-1 train. She asks him about his love past: “How about you? You’re a prince. They must have been wannabe princesses, or maybe another prince?”, to which he replies: “A bit of both. Like you, I suspect”. Check out the fans’ reactions!

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+ Memes and reactions after confirming that Loki is bisexual

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