Memes and fan reactions to see Harry Styles and Florence Pugh together in the next Olivia Wilde movie

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Don’t Worry, Darling will be the next film directed by Olivia Wilde, after surprising in 2019 with his debut feature, Booksmart (Night of the Nerds). In this case, he will return with a new production, which will star Harry Styles and Florence Pugh, two of the great youth artists of today, which is why their fans went crazy when they saw them in the teaser presented today.

The director and her protagonist have been making people talk lately, since they have been in a romantic relationship since the beginning of this year. It was in July that the paparazzi cameras of Page Six managed to capture them, while they were on vacation on a yacht in Italy, after he completed the recordings of The Policeman, another of his film projects.

After the success of his first film, Wilde took the next step in 2019 when she was confirmed in the direction of a script that was on The Black List, so its acquisition led to a bid between 18 studios to obtain its rights, but finally New Line Cinema and Warner Bros. they were victorious. As the weeks went by, the cast and filming dates were announced. Today we have a small teaser with its release date: September 23, 2022!

What is it about Don’t Worry, Darling? According to Collider, the film revolves around an unhappy housewife who questions her sanity when strange things start to happen in her community, while her husband hides dark secrets. So far there is no official synopsis, although we know that the presences of Chris Pine as the leader of a mysterious cult and Dakota Johnson like a neighbor who has strange behaviors.

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Social networks echoed the advance published this Monday, in which it is observed a passionate kiss between Harry Styles and Florence Pugh which was celebrated by fans. As happened when the actor’s images with Olivia were leaked a few months ago, this time we had memes and reactions on Twitter that are very funny. Review some!

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