Memo Lugo: what did the singer of “Los Lobos del Norte” die of

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“Los Lobos del Norte” is one of the most famous groups of Mexico due to its great successes that for many years have delighted the ears of its thousands of fans. In the Aztec country they are considered the highest representatives of traditional music. Currently, the group is going through a very painful stage after the death of Guillermo Lugo.

Many were the songs of “The Wolves of the North“Which became the favorites of the public. Among them are “I would like to love you less”, “Absence”, “At every moment”, among others.

The singer Guillermo Lugo Garcia, also know as “Memo Lugo”Was the main vocalist of the group and his sudden passing surprised his thousands of fans and even other personalities from the world of music.

This news was confirmed on December 1, 2021 by the Debate portal, where he announced that the artist from Sinaloa (Mexico) lost the battle against a disease.

In the coronavirus pandemic, thousands of people were infected and in some cases their health became very complicated. This is the case of the singer Guillermo “Memo” Lugo who was infected with COVID-19 and after his recovery continued with some sequelae.

It was thus that the member of “”, Suffered a respiratory arrest which caused his instantaneous death.

This fact has shocked the world of music in Mexico and the expressions of appreciation towards Memo Lugo they did not wait.

That was how the members of the group “The Colts‘, they expressed their sadness at this fact. In addition, they reported the place where the vocalist of “The Wolves of the North”.

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With deep sorrow, we participate in the sensitive death of our great friend and companion of a thousand battles Memo Lugo, singer of the musical group ‘Los Lobos del Norte’ that happened today in the city of Tucson Arizona. Our sincere condolences to the family. The Colts”, They indicated.

Another group that expressed their condolences was “The New Stagecoach”, Using the following message:

May this great singer, Mr. Memo Lugo, rest in peace. Which I had to work with him a few years ago. God have him in his Holy Glory. Grupo La Nueva Diligencia ”, the ‘Debate’ portal rescued the text, announcing the unfortunate death of the member and singer of the group ‘Los Lobos del Norte'”.

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