Memory Card: great olympic games

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The Memory Card come back to the load with Juan Arenas and Rubén Vázquez to put an end to the Olympic Games. No, that did not end with the closing event but with a program of ours. That is the intention of this video, to be able to remember some totally unique deliveries and moments lived in great Olympic disciplines that surely could not have their own video game but that could be part of a compilation of games based on Olympic events of the most varied.

Because yes, Olympic Games They have been present in the world of video games for a long time, almost since the beginning of the medium. We are naturally referring to the digital medium and not to the beginnings of games in ancient Greece, hopefully that is understood. So without further ado, in the video you have a first-rate Olympic review.

Memory Card is a program directed by Juan Arenas and currently edited by Rubén Vázquez that reviews stories, games and events of yesteryear with the best possible taste. Hit play.


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