Memory Card: MSX, the birth of the Japanese 8-bit myth

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MSX was one of the large microcomputers that made up that golden age made up of systems like the ZX Spectrum, the Amstrad CPC and the Commodore 64, all machines that shared a strong individualism and a concrete way of doing things, with very different design philosophies and objectives. The case of the MSX is even more unique if possible because it does not make a machine that owns a company as was the case of the others, but a standard, a dream shared from Japan to establish common minimums and that any company could create its own MSX with the most appropriate characteristics.

An immortal machine

That vision, which years later would prove to be the way to go with the irruption of IBM and compatible, shaped a mutable machine, with countless versions from some of the best electronics companies of the day. And he also forged a capable machine, full of graphic and sonic luxuries that some studios like Konami took advantage of to create games that were the envy of users of other formats.

In this Memory Card, Juan Arenas tells us about thethe origins of this format, its peculiarities and strengths, those that forged a machine that remains more alive than ever in the hands of a community dedicated and always attentive to the news and new possibilities that continue to occur in its scene today.


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