Memory Card: shmups inolvidables Vol 2. Super Nintendo

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Super Nintendo. Super Famicom. Super 16 bits, which said in their advertisements Made in ERBE after its launch in Spain. And super matamarcianos that make this second installment of our special tour through the best of the genre an essential episode if you go eshootemup found in Super Nintendo a paradise in which some of its most award-winning examples shine, with unforgettable conversions of timeless classics, and Exclusive games that were the envy of rivals for years. If in our first volume dedicated to MD, the other great 16 bits, we saw how the matamata brought together a good handful of wonders, the list that we have prepared today in MC is not far behind, and brings together varied titles in graphic proposal , playable and development with which we hope you feel the (on the other hand logic, I know well what I’m saying) need to grab your pad and hit the ON, to take off on a new suicide mission.


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