Memory Card: We spoke to Sega legend Tom Kalinske

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Today we release on Memory Card what is called “Profiles”, an opportunity to interview classic figures in the sector and be able to put together reports around the words of the protagonists of those stories. And we couldn’t have a better start. Neither more nor less than Tom Kalinske has given us his time to tell us in detail about the golden age of Sega, whose American division he led as CEO from 1990 to 1996, being a key figure in turning Sega into a capable world power to compete as equals to the then almighty Nintendo.

The beginnings of Sega’s golden age

Through his anecdotes and memories, Juan Arenas leads this interview-report to detail how was that time of rapid growth of the video game around the world. How were your beginnings in the company after your successful stint at Matchbox and Mattel (in which you were responsible for launching He-Man and the Mastes of the Universe? How did you see video games then? How did you help Sonic in that media figure? With which to compete with the already established trajectory of Mario? What was the rivalry with Nintendo like? These and other questions unfold in the form of a conversation full of memories of some of the best years of our lives as gamers and some of the years more iconic and exciting from the video game industry itself.

The first of other interviews to understand the past of the video game

This is the first in a series of conversations on retro topics that we will have the pleasure to offer you from time to time along with the usual Memory Card programs. We hope you enjoy it as much as we have enjoyed doing it.

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