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Meowbahh: The Rising Australian YouTuber with a Distinctive Persona

meowbahh: the rising australian youtuber with a distinctive persona

Youtube has given fame to many people. Plenty of hidden personalities on YouTube are gaining popularity just because of their content. Many YouTubers use their fake name and hide their originality beside their youtube name. They try to keep the relatable character of their channel from their content. Or many users also use a word that has a hidden meaning. 

The name of the channel or person gives a lot of ideas about the person’s consent. Thus putting an attractive name on the youtube channel is a must to get fame and a name from youtube. In this article, we will talk about one of the famous penalties of youtube meowbahh. How did her name and connection take her to new heights on youtube? We will talk about all of it in further sections.

Who Is Meowbahh?

Meowbahh is also known as the meow or meowbahh. She is an Australian youtuber with a large audience in a limited period. She has gained large fame in notoriety. She is famous for her high-pitched voice, often speaking in the third person. Many other connected people have tried to copy the same content just like her to gain popularity. 

Some of her competitive channels are PNGtubers, jelly beans, and many more. But the YouTubers have yet to fit into the fame. They have been trolled to copy the content and ideas from the meow. She has a large fan following because of which no other competitive youtube channel can stand in front of her and set the benchmark. 

Meowbahh Journey To Youtube

On March 29, 2022, she created her youtube channel. She named her youtube channel meowbahh. On March 30, she uploaded her first video on the youtube channel. The same video has been uploaded before on tik tok also. From the very first video, she has created an enormous fan following. Her forest video starts gaining more and more videos as time passes.

With the gaining popularity, she keeps uploading some youtube shorts or some other consent to entertain her fans and different audiences. She has gained notoriety because of her broken Japanese accent. She tries to speak  Japanese but ends up with funny words. This makes her more interesting to watch, and how she modulates her voice makes the person feel good. 

Despite being an active user of youtube, she mainly posts her content on tik tok. She has gained a more exciting audience in tik tok rather than on youtube. She is also more active in replies and setting trends in tik tok rather than youtube. Despite this activity, she is continuously gaining more and more subscribers and fans on youtube. 

Meowbahh Controversies

With their increasing popularity, she is also gaining more hate from the people. She is surrounded by many controversies regarding using offensive terms in the video. On March 14, 2002, she uploaded a tik tok video on youtube. In the video, she said the word retard multiple times. Many people have criticized her for this habit. In the comment sections of the video, she has been receiving continuous hate from people because of using the word retard in his video. 

Later people also made a response video to apologize to the disabled fandom. However, the idea of Apple losing them is a waste because they ate and made the video without sincerity. This has meant that they are not ready for an apology. They are making the video just for popularity and to gain public response.

Another controversy related to the meow was about the discard server. After reaching 10,000 followers on the tik tok platform, she has uploaded several clips where she tells people about ending her life. She is also seen saying slurs on the server. After the incident, many people joined the server to troll her content.

They posted spam slurs and NSFW pictures, most of which contained minors. In response to the video, she had to make a new server and post a new concoction. Meow has also made a tik tok video responding to the hate. In further comments, she also said that they wanted to rape people. However, after changing the server, she never asked the same question. 

Reactions Of People

Meow has an excellent word war with the jelly bean. When he noticed she was gaining popularity from uploading video shorts, they started to target her personally. Minecraft shorts community is a community of YouTubers constantly uploading youtube shorts videos to gain popularity. They have regular input in youtube and are responsible for setting trends in the youtube platform.

As meow was uploading her tik tok video in the youtube shorts. She has gained a considerable audience crush by using the second platform in different communities. The community people got offended by her because she was using additional platform content to gain popularity. In response to this jelly bean, I have asked on Twitter who it is; meowbahh? 

They have gotten numerous replies from the audience telling who the meowbahh is. They have also got words about their community and called them slurs. Later after hearing the response from the people, he said that he regretted asking the question. He later blocked the meowbahh from the Twitter account. Later she also pasted a screenshot of getting blocked by the jelly bean. She again was having indirect wars with him. 

Meowbahh Accusations Of Racism

Meow claims to speak Japanese. But her Japanese pronunciation needs to be better. Her videos have many mistakes and need to be better per profession. Many people have criticized her because of her improper accent. People accused her of disrespecting the language and culture. She is learning the Japanese language, and people are accusing them. 

It is suspected that she is using Google Translate to speak Japanese. She belongs to a different language; thus she uses google translater to and hence she uses google Translate for that. Since the pronunciation and grammar of the Japanese language could be better, it has become a challenge for others to accept her. 

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