Meripodcast 15×01: The New Season Begins

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Begins the new season of the fireproof Meripodcast, starting what will be his fifteenth season of a long and rich career commenting on the world of video games in all its aspects. A trajectory that would not be possible without you, that community that has been following the program for years with its different aspects and evolutions and for which we always appreciate their loyalty and interest in moving this space forward.

In this new season we have adopted some small changes and adjustments that we hope you like. We maintain the two teams in the program, one current and the other retro, which will alternate between weeks throughout the season as usual. In the retro team there will be no changes, the same voices and the video format commented by its members will be maintained, which ended up working so well last season.

As for the current team, they have chosen to make some adjustments to adapt to the biweekly nature, so they will deal with current issues but with a little more scope and debate and not necessarily sticking to the most recent news, but to the most recent. interesting In addition, for those who enjoy the program on video, it has been decided to record the program with cameras, so that it is more enjoyable. Of course, all the programs will always be available also in audio through the usual services in Itunes, Spotify e Ivoox.

Without anything else to add, we welcome you to this new season and we leave you with the current team to review what remains to come in this final stretch of 2021. Welcome!

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