Meripodcast 15×02: 35 years hunting vampires in Castlevania

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The fifteenth season also begins on the Meripodcast Retro, and it could not start in a better way: celebrating the 35th anniversary of an iconic saga, pure nobility in video game history: Castlevania. Since it was born on the Famicom disk system (which would be our NES), on September 27, 1986, the Konami series has occupied a prominent place in the history of different systems, occupying a predominant role in their catalogs.

Die, monster. You don’t belong in this world

During this hour and a half of “canned radio”, Juan Arenas, Carlos Forcada, Joaquín Relaño, Sergi “Motenai” and Francisco Alberto Serrano make a trip of just over an hour and a half from the origins to the present, trying to go through the deliveries highlights and stop at some of the most remarkable details that our experience, our knowledge and our memories allow us. From the original Castlevania on the NES, we go through the first 8-bit iterations, its versions on Game Boy and its great audiovisual leap on PC Engine CD, Super Nintendo and Mega Drive, (Rondo of Blood, Super Castlevania IV and Bloodlines) three jewels whose shine does not fade. And, of course, we continue with Symphony of the Night and other gems that elevated the catalog of Game Boy Advance and Nintendo DS. We also found some space to talk about some of the early and unfortunate attempts to bring the series to 3D.

A journey accompanied by images and some of the most brilliant musical compositions in the video game, with absolutely essential and immortal themes such as Bloody Tears, I Am the Wind, Requiem, The Silence of the Daylight and other sonorous jewels that are part of the legacy and the personality from the Konami series.

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