Meripodcast 15×04: From cartridge to CD

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The arrival of the Compact Disk was a revolution in different aspects, of course for music, but also (and a lot) for video games. In a world in which cartridge memory rarely rose above 4 MB on the SNES and Mega Drive, and where the price of higher capacity cartridges could sink a company if it did not calibrate its sales potential well, the arrival of a storage system that provided more than 600 MB was a dizzying leap in performance and possibilities (although not always well used).

A new frontier

Whereas before the musical composers saw them and desired them so that the development of the game left them enough memory for the audio chip of the machine, now you could record music on real instruments and put them without filter in the game. Luxuries like spectacular intros narrated by live actors began to be possible and studios soon found ways to use that new frontier thanks to the deepening of genres like the Full Motion Video, which many saw as the future of the video game due to the enormous visual difference with respect to traditional games (at the cost, of course, of an unacceptable loss in playability and interaction that was the scourge of many of these projects).

After the first dabbling with CD-I, Mega CD, y PC Engine CD and a progressive settlement in the world of the PC, would come its moment of absolute conquest as a format especially from Playstation, with all companies – except Nintendo – betting heavily on new consoles using the new optical format.

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