MeriPodcast 15×06: Exploring the Reissue Phenomenon

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Today and more and more we see a large number of games return from the past. Some are great games of their time that have already returned on other occasions, but others are unknown projects for many users, quality games that by remaining only in the Japanese market, or having limited sales in their day, have remained in the category of “hidden gems”.

New opportunities for the classics

Some only return in digital format, others present collector’s editions with extras designed for the most fan and nostalgic (or speculators, of course). In any case it is a phenomenon that is there and that allows us to enjoy a greater range of great games that otherwise could only be enjoyed through emulation or spending large amounts of money to buy second-hand copies and original hardware. This is the recent case of the launch of Gleylancer, a game particularly known in collector circles around Mega Drive and whose price on Ebay does not usually fall below $ 600, but is now available on PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One and Series for a few euros.

These and other more or less known games form the core of our conversation This week, in which we will review some of these reissues that have emerged in the other years, we will analyze the phenomenon from the collector’s point of view and we will go around the bush a bit as usual in the retro team formed by Juan Arenas, Joaquín Relaño, Carlos Forcada, Sergi “Motenai” and Francisco Alberto Serrano.

Thank you for listening to the Meripodcast, remember that you can find the audio-only version on our usual channels at Itunes, Spotify e Ivoox.

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