Meripodcast Final Season 14 Special

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All good things come to an end and MeriPodcast by Meristation meets a new cycle with the threat of seeing each other again in September and following this path of so many years with you. It has been a season of consolidation of the new model of the two teams, with the current team already firmly at the helm of its space and the retro finding new incentives in that shared video format that has given us so many joys in the final stretch of the season (a model that, of course, will be kept for the next).

Until September

As always, thank you for still there those who do it or for finding us and having stayed with us. In any case, it is an honor and a privilege to offer you a time of canned radio and we hope that we have informed, entertained and accompanied you during these thirty programs that we have been able to offer you this year. We promise to return with more enthusiasm and strength for Season 15 that will begin in September and we are counting on you to continue there on the other side.

On behalf of the entire MeriPodcast team, wish you the best possible summer, that you enjoy everything they leave you and that with or without video games in between, you are happy.

Thank you once again for listening to the MeriPodcast. We remember that you can hear each program on YouTube, iVoox, iTunes Y Spotify.


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