Merkel: More courage with digitization – But: take people with you

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Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) has called for more openness, curiosity and courage in the digitization of the state and society. Digitization is much more than a technical process – success in this area is first a question of attitude, said Merkel on Monday evening at a union event in Berlin, at the edge of which a 25-point digital program was presented by the CDU and CSU. At the same time, however, politicians must ensure that the citizens are involved in this process, warned the Chancellor.

Openness, curiosity and courage as well as the willingness to listen to the people and take them with you – this is what the country needs, said Merkel. This is exactly what distinguishes the Union Chancellor candidate Armin Laschet. As Prime Minister, he ruled the most populous federal state of North Rhine-Westphalia “with great success, with reliability, with moderation and moderation. And whoever can govern such a large state can also successfully govern our country as Federal Chancellor of Germany.” Merkel once again stood behind the CDU boss, who was struggling with disastrous polls.

Laschet said that with the digital modernization, the administrative restructuring due to the necessary change in mentality in the authorities is sometimes more complicated than ensuring a nationwide fast internet technology. According to the experience during the corona pandemic, a “house ban on fax machines” is necessary. At the beginning of the pandemic, many health authorities were still working with fax machines – this had led to considerable criticism.

Laschet had previously stated during a visit to Europe’s largest software manufacturer SAP in Walldorf near Heidelberg that citizens no longer accepted the fact that they “have to make two on-site visits to the authorities” in order to extend their identity cards. The expansion of the fast Internet in the country is the “priority task for the next few years”.

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By expanding the digital infrastructure by 2025, the Union wants to ensure that secure reception becomes the standard throughout the country. “This also applies to buses, trains and public transport – free and fast WLAN for all passengers,” says the paper. Against the background of the pandemic, the Union demands: “We want a nationwide education cloud and digital platform with video conference, learning management and suitable server systems for digital learning.” Teaching and learning processes would have to be redesigned in order to provide children and young people with modern skills.

In order to make access and use of data more possible than before, a clear framework for legally secure anonymization must be created, the Union continues to demand. At the same time, the CDU and CSU warn: “An exaggerated interpretation of data protection requirements must not lead to inhibition of innovations and bureaucratic slowing down of procedures.” For this reason, decisions in data protection for companies should be bundled in one place in Germany. In order to balance this position, the Union wants to set up a chamber of five people, similar to the courts.


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