Mesonero (Alfa Romeo): «My job is to develop creativity to make the best possible cars»

Have a Spaniard at the forefront of the design of the models Alfa Romeo it is something that we should be proud of. Since taking up his position on July 1 as Head of Alfa Romeo Design, Alejandro Mesonero-Romanos He has not stopped working to relaunch the brand and adapt the beauty of the Italian team’s cars to the transition to electric. A plan that the Madrid designer wants to complete by focusing on the look, autonomy and aerodynamics of the vehicle. Now, with the merger of FCA and PSA, the Italian car manufacturer has 30,000 million euros to achieve it.

OKDIARIO interviews Alejandro Mesonero-Romanos, Head of Design at Alfa Romeo, to find out what functions he occupies within the company and how he has managed to occupy an international position.

Question: What position do you currently occupy?

Answer: Five months ago, since last July 1, he held the position of director of design for the Alfa Romeo brand.

Q: With extensive experience in the automotive world in brands such as Cupra or Renault, what led you to leave your previous position at Renault to bet on Alfa Romeo in Italy?

R: Mainly because of the brand. Alfa Romeo is an absolutely incredible brand. For a big fan of Italian design and Italian brands, Alfa Romeo is simply the best brand you can work for.

Q: What difference is there in the function you do now than the one you did before landing in Italy?

R: My job is to inspire and develop the creativity of the Alfa Romeo teams to make the best cars possible and to be liked the most on the market. It’s a relatively similar feature to what I’ve developed in the past with other manufacturers, but this time with a really exciting brand like Alfa Romeo.

“Making a wider range, with even stronger products, with cars even more seductive than the ones we have today are the main challenges facing the company”

Q: Has your training helped you to hold high positions internationally?

R: Yes, let’s say that one of the most beautiful things in my career or in my profession is, indeed, being able to work with different cultures. I have studied in England, I have worked in France, in Korea, in Spain, of course, and now in Italy as Alfa Romeo’s chief designer.

Q: Would you like to work in Spain again or do you now have a pending task here in Italy?

R: Now I have a lot of work to do here, precious work, very motivating and for many years my work has been here. It is not in my plans to return to Spain.

“I would take the whole museum with me”

Q: What are the main challenges facing the brand in the coming years?

R: Making a wider range, with even stronger products, with cars even more seductive than the ones we have today are the main challenges facing the company. And we are going to achieve it. We need a little more time, but in the next few years we will see some impressive Alfa Romeos.

Q: Since we are at the Museo Storico de Alfa Romeo, could you tell us which car would you choose?

R: With everyone. I would take the entire museum. This is a question that cannot be asked of a person who works here, but probably the top three on the list would be this Alfa Romeo 33 Stradale designed in 1967 by Franco Scaglione and made with Marazzi bodywork.

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