Messenger launches its new AR filters for group video conferences

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Augmented reality filters are the most requested on social networks to create photographic content. Users are able to have everything they need with these completely changing pieces of code. On Facebook they are experts in creating their own and now you will see in the new Messenger AR filters all their potential and what they are capable of.

New filters arrive in Fabaitok Messenger

Surely on your smartphone you have an association with which you can put special filters on your images. Of course, the vast majority are photographic applications that modify your face or the background of the composition, but the truth is that these types of functions are also part of the messaging applications that have a slightly more relaxed tone.

This is the case of Facebook Messenger, which launches new augmented reality functions. Here we find the new filters that will arrive for mass conversations, where there will be 70 new effects that you can use to play with your friends (since some are precisely for that).

This will be possible thanks to the new tool that Facebook has provided to content creators called Spark Multipeer API. This new tool will be the key so that the most experienced developers and users of the app have access to the functions to create interactive and dynamic effects that they will then use in the company’s messaging application.

Facebook itself has confirmed that it will be at the end of this month when these new functions come to light. This will mean that this coming week we will see the first reasons. To use them you just have to open a room in which you contact several people and then press the smiley face icon and choose the one you want to wear. From here, it only remains to enjoy a moment of laughs with friends trying all these new Messenger AR filters and the games available.

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