Metal Gear Solid veteran works on a new Konami game

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Nothing is known about the future of Metal Gear Solid, a saga designed by Hideo Kojima and closely linked to his person, although Konami is the company that has the rights to all the adventures starring Snake and company. Ikuyi Nakamura, one of the veterans of the series, has mentioned in his twitter bio you are already working on a new project. Of course, the alarms have been raised, since the rumors about Metal Gear have not stopped ringing. However, Konami has not announced the development of any new video game.

According to the information that appears in the biography, Nakamura will be the designer and scriptwriter of this new video game. It should be noted that the most recent production of the developer, which has worked on installments of the series Like Metal Gear Solid, Sons of Liberty, Guns of the Patriots or The Phantom Pain, it is Metal Gear Survive, the most recent video game so far.

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Metal Gear Solid son of Kojima

Two of the company’s strongest brands, Metal Gear Solid and Silent Hill, have lain fallow since the departure of Hideo Kojima, who terminated your contractual relationship with Konami after a life in the bosom of the Japanese firm. When the Japanese said goodbye, right after the release of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, Konami developed Metal Gear Survive, a spin-off with zombies and very focused on multiplayer. Beyond that there is no more news on the horizon.

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As for Silent Hill, Konami hasn’t announced anything new about it either. However, reading between the lines, the agreement between the company and Bloober Team (The Medium), makes it pretty clear that they are up to something. It remains to be seen if the rumors about a Metal Gear Solid remake are on the right track or not, time will tell.

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