“Metallica’s 72 Seasons in Cinema: The Critical Role of Music in Saving the Day”

METE-CRITICAL| Metallica 72 Seasons in Cinema: Music Saves the Day

Metallica, with its prodigious creative achievements, has marked generations and influenced countless artists. The band’s position on commercial aspects, confrontations with the industry, and their history of tragedy make them one of the quintessential archetypes of rock and metal bands.

Adapting to the times and taking advantage of business opportunities has always been one of the band’s strengths. Their latest project, Metallica 72 Seasons, is a theatrical release that takes advantage of the structure and narrative of the big screen. Although it may fall short of expectations, the band’s music continues to deliver power and excitement.

The band members, Lars Ulrich, James Hetfield, Kirk Hammett, and Robert Trujillo, share their insights into each song on the album, connecting with the visual frameworks that accompany them. The riffs of each song stretch endlessly and squeal like the tires of a car skidding without losing the mastery of execution.

The band’s music gains greater meaning when illustrations and digital images are paired with lyrics. Even songs that were once considered “surfy” now have a deeper, darker theme. The machinery of the band is greased and roars as it did in its best times.

Metallica 72 Seasons presented by the Cinepolis label More than Cinema is an experience one must indulge in if they are a true fan. The feast provided to fans is worth every penny.

Joseph Quinn had his chance of meeting Metallica in Lollapalooza, and we can only sit at home and indulge in their music while enjoying their releases.

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