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Metroid debuts with records in Japan: best debut of the series since 2000

Metroid Dread has started its journey in Japan with 87,000 units sold in physical format during its first available week, the best data in the saga since 2000. With the exception of the first title of the series on NES and Super Metroid for SNES, of which no figures were given at the time, we are facing the best premiere of the series in the last twenty years. With these figures, advanced by the consultant David Gibson, it is expected that in a few months it will exceed the total accumulated sales of practically the entire Metroid series in Japan.

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Metroid Dread almost triples the premiere of Metroid: Samus Returns

It goes without saying that the adventures of the bounty hunter Samus Aran have never been very successful in Japan, but the momentum of Nintendo Switch and the excellent reviews are positioning Metroid Dread, developed by the Madrid studio MercurySteam, as a title of media depth. All this added to the circumstance of having been put on sale the same day as the Nintendo Switch OLED, an unbeatable showcase.

Those 87,000 units in its first week tripled the data of Metroid: Samus Returns (2017, 3DS), which began with a tepid premiere of just 29,000 units sold in its first available week. In addition, digital units are not considered, so the actual figures for Metroid Dread are almost certainly above the 100,000 copies sold in Japan.

The database of Game Data Library It helps us to put into context this very hopeful commercial performance for what is truly the fifth 2D episode of the saga. The best-selling game so far is Metroid I for the Famicom with 1.04 million units sold. Second, the main reference to beat right now for Metroid Dread, is Metroid Fusion (2003, GBA), which started with 49,680 physical units and managed to accumulate 155,528 copies in total.

Metroid Dread, Critical and Sales Success; available on Nintendo Switch

Metroid Dread It is available exclusively for Nintendo Switch. After receiving outstanding reviews around the world and becoming the highest rated Spanish game of all time, MercurySteam’s title breaks sales records for the series in the UK and establishes itself as a strong candidate to be ranked as one of the best. sold in Japan. It remains to be seen how the public has reacted in the United States, the territory with the greatest potential for sales of this work.

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