Metroid Dread: analyze their technical performance; portable resolution, FPS and more

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Metroid Dread is October’s big news for Nintendo Switch. The return of Samus Aran by the hand of the Spanish studio MercurySteam is a reality and as is usual in this type of releases, Digital Foundry has already got down to work to break down all the technical elements of the game and assess features such as overall performance, resolution in both portable and dock mode, and frame rate, among others. Here is a breakdown of their conclusions.

  • Resolution in portable mode: 720p
  • Resolution on TV through the dock: 900p
  • Frame rate per second: stable 60 FPS; the falls are very punctual. 30 FPS in video scenes

In addition, Digital Foundry highlights the sound treatment, and ensures that MercurySteam has given “a master class in sound design”.

Metroid Dread, recovering the essence of the saga

The last two-dimensional installment of the saga — Metroid II: Return of Samus remake on the sidelines — took place in Game Boy Advance, console to which Metroid Fusion arrived in 2002. The followers of the bounty hunter expected a new adventure like May water and it seems that Metroid Dread is just what they were looking for, as the title has been very well received by both critics and users.

  • It may interest you: Metroid Dread is already the highest rated Spanish game of all time

In our analysis (9 out of 10) we have highlighted that the game “is up to the task. For the control, which lets us handle the bounty hunter in her most agile and precise version; by the design, which branches and extends to offer hours of exploration without taking us by the hand; and for the selection of bosses, who take advantage of the best combat of the saga in its 2D aspect. EMMI robots can test the patience of some players, but they create situations of genuine tension and the development doses them sufficiently ”.

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Metroid Dread stands available en Nintendo Switch.

Source | Digital Foundry on YouTube


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