Metroid Dread Offers New Details; exploration, Samus costume and more

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Metroid Dread will premiere next October 8th on Nintendo Switch. And as we will still have to wait a bit to enjoy the new adventure of Samus Aran, Nintendo continues to offer new details of the title with the intention that we know what we are going to find. On this occasion, the main protagonist is exploration, of which new information has been shared about the possibilities that we will have, among other elements.

Nintendo itself recalls that the map of other titles in the series, usually made up of cells, it will be “a more detailed navigation tool.” Next, we leave you with its main characteristics.

  • Icon highlighting: all kinds of icons can be marked in any area of ​​the map, something especially useful once we have achieved a new ability and want to explore a previously visited area again.
  • Bookmarks– Up to six custom markers can be placed, which will also appear on the visible minimap in the middle of the game.
  • Tracks– The map will have some shiny elements that will stand out from the rest, a sure sign that there is some hidden object that we have not yet obtained.
  • Zoom: the map can be expanded and navigated for a better visualization.
  • Extend the minimap: pressing the left direction of the crosshead will expand the minimap in real time, remaining located in the upper right corner of the screen.

Metroid Dread, classic weapons and a new power

As expected, Nintendo confirms the presence of the usual capabilities that we have seen in Samus Aran Over the years, the Power Beam will be the standard weapon — and the primary way to open simple doors — while missiles will provide a boost in combat and bombs will allow us to destroy false walls and other surfaces. As for news, we find the power that allows us to accumulate energy and “turn on” the suit, automatically gaining an increase in agility and the possibility of passing through certain blocked doors.

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Metroid Dread, the new installment of the saga developed by MercurySteam, will be available next October 8 on Nintendo Switch.

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